Spring Days | May 2016

* Didn't write very much. *
More about that here.

* Took a road trip to visit family. *

 *Watched Captain America: Civil War. Twice. *
I have so much to say about this movie. It certainly has its flaws but it was still really good, if very different than expected. Definitely need to see it again.

* Preparing for the June session of #WIPjoy.*
Anybody else joining in? I'll be focusing on my time travel fantasy novel, Trace.

* Went to a casting call. *
Technically, my sister was the one going to the casting call. I people-watched.

* Rewatched Once Upon A Time season one. *
The first season is, without contest, my absolute favorite of the show. I've been wanting to buy it for a while now and finally did (yay for sales!).

* Spent Memorial Day with family. *

Tell me about your month!


  1. I'd love to hear what you have to say about Civil War! I thought it was very thought-provoking. Sounds like you had a cool month, and at least interesting. Going to a casting call sounds like an interesting experience, even if it wasn't for you.

    1. Thanks! I've been thinking about doing a blog post about it...some time. (The rest of May went by so fast and I lost track of time, so maybe later this month?)

      Overall, May was nice. The casting call was interesting. Something I'd never gotten to see before, but everyone there was really excited about it and it was pretty cool to see all the enthusiasm. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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