A Return to Editing

At twelve days in, March is shaping up to be rather busy for writing.

During the first week, I reread The Assassin's Daughter. The big goal I have for March is to complete another round of editing for it. I'm also featuring it again for #WIPjoy on Twitter (which, if you're a writer and haven't checked it out, I recommend it—there are so many fun prompts!)

It's going well. Slower than I'd hoped. Really I'm just cleaning up the prose and trying to make sure this draft is the best it can be. So I'm taking things a chapter at a time—making sure inconsistencies are fixed, checking the prose and polishing the points-of-view, and other things like that. I'm aiming to finish these edits by the end of March because I want to spend April working on the next draft of TAD2.

*whispers* And I'm also hoping to get some reader feedback in April. Maybe.

It's slightly terrifying to think of people reading my books, even though that's one of my goals (I'm pretty sure this is in the top three contradictory things about being a writer).

But seriously: I want to make The Assassin's Daughter a really good book and I've reached the point of needing outside feedback for that. I've fixed and polished it under my own scrutiny for a long time now, so I'd really like to get a fresh perspective of the story after these edits are done.

Jones is adapting to his new job well.

So that's what the business of writing looks like for me right now. How's writing going for you?


  1. Editing! Fun! And stressful! And soul eating!

    Sorry it's going a little slower than expected but good luck working on it! And, at least, you have the silver lining of it being the last time you have to look it over for a little while and it kind of being out your hands for a bit. While terrifying I always find that part a little relieving too. Oh, and if you need a beta reader please feel free to keep me in mind! I love beta reading and critiquing so if you need someone... Also, your hints on Twitter with Wipjoy makes me want to read this novel so BADLY.

    Speaking of WIPjoy...I had SUCH good intentions after failing halfway through back in January and still like three days in I completely forgot about it and missed like a week of prompts before I remembered it again...oops? This month I'm doing an outlining extravaganza (at least that's what I refer to it as in my mind) to re-outline the first book I ever wrote which is part of this whole big series I've been planning since I was like 13. The first book needs a complete and utter rewrite (I haven't touched it in 2 years!) but I decided to outline the entire series/world/every little detail, before doing that sooo... It's fun and driving me crazy. =)

    Good luck with your editing! =)

    1. Fun and stressful are very accurate descriptions! :)

      As much as I love this story, I am looking forward to having some time to focus on the second book again (which has so far been the big troublemaker when it comes to revisions).

      That would be awesome! I'd love for you read it. :) I'm running a bit behind schedule still but hopefully can have it ready to send out in early April.

      Ooh, that sounds fun! I find it hard to do much world-building before the story's written, just because so much of my first drafts are about figuring the world out. Hope the extravaganza is going well! When are you hoping to rewrite?

      March ended up being so much busier than I expected so I've missed some of the prompts too. (And I keep forgetting to do them before I do the current ones...) Still fun though. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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