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I was tagged by Christine, from Musings of an Elf, for the Favorite Screen Characters tag! It has taken me forever to get this posted (though I've had it drafted for a while). This was a fun one to put together, and it offers a perfectly good reason to discuss fictional people!  :)

Choose ten favorite on-screen characters.
Tag ten other people.

It took me a while to narrow down the list, because I have so many favorites. So, I decided to keep this list to ten of my favorite TV characters. (Which still proved a challenge, but I did manage to keep it limited to only ten.)


Rick Grimes
The Walking Dead 
Rick started out as a generally good guy, albeit on the passive side, and has become a strong leader of his group of zombie apocalypse survivors. His character journey has been a rollercoaster, but it has been interesting to see how Rick has changed over the course of the show. One of the most fascinating fellas on television right now.

Carol Peletier
The Walking Dead
Carol started out as one of those characters you’d almost immediately think won’t survive, but survive she has. She’s lost almost everything she held dear, so she’s become reserved and closed off to most people. Carol’s the character who will make the tough call if it’s what’s best for the people she cares about, even if it means doing something extreme.

Daryl Dixon
The Walking Dead
I think Daryl makes the favorite character list of just about anyone who watches the show, but there’s a good reason. Like Rick and Carol, his character journey has been amazing to watch. He started out as an outcast, and has grown to be one of the most dependable and hardworking members of the group.

Peggy Carter
Marvel’s Agent Carter
Technically a movie and TV character, but she makes the list because she’s great! When I first heard they would be making a TV show about Peggy, I was so excited. Even though she is busy saving the world, I still like how she takes time to try to be a friend to those around her. (And her wardrobe is fabulous! I want it.)

August W. Booth
Once Upon A Time
From the moment he arrived in Storybrooke, August has been one of my favorite characters. He’s funny and mysterious, but he also proves to be a great ally in breaking the various curses which come to Storybrooke.

Edwin Jarvis
Marvel’s Agent Carter
I love JARVIS from the MCU movies, so I was very eager to meet this Jarvis. He’s funny and also can be sweet. And he and Peggy make a great team! (And he, too, has a stylish 1940’s wardrobe.)

Hershel Green
The Walking Dead
I tried not to make this list overwhelmingly populated by TWD characters, and I failed. I didn’t like Hershel immediately. The first episode I watched was a rerun from season two, and he was a pretty gruff character (though with good reasons), but it didn't take long for me to like him. His redemption story is one of my favorites from TV.

Sherlock Holmes
I have seen three different actors portray the character, but my favorite TV interpretation is the one from Elementary. Over the course of the show, he’s become very human. As he’s struggled with addiction, he's learned the value of having people around him who care about him—and he cares about them in return.

Joan Watson
Joan is a great counter character for Elementary’s Sherlock; she holds him accountable, and isn’t afraid to tell him he’s wrong. Something I especially like is that she doesn’t come across as “the female version of John Watson.” She’s simply Watson. She’s really smart and even does detective work on her own. Plus, she has some really cute clothes.
Glenn Rhee
The Walking Dead
What I like about Glenn is that he was nothing particularly special before the apocalypse; he wasn’t a sheriff, or a veterinarian, or even a hunter—he just delivered pizzas. Now, he’s a core member of the group. Even when things get terribly dark, he also tries to hold onto hope.

It's open for whoever wants to do this one! So, feel free to consider yourself nominated. :) 

Apparently, I have a weakness for very flawed characters, sarcastic characters, and characters with great wardrobes! What are your favorite character types?
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  1. You did it, YAY!!! This tag is just the greatest.

    I love your list! I've never actually seen The Walking Dead, but I've heard it's amazing and apparently has a spectacular cast of characters!

    AND ANOTHER AUGUST FAN. Out of the whole billions of characters in that show, he's my top favorite. I adore him.

    This list was great. And hey, flawed, sarcastic characters with good fashion sense are kind of the best! I'm totally with you there. Give me all the sarcasm! XD

    1. This tag was so much fun! I considered maybe doing another round as a sort of "part two," but don't have that list compiled yet. :)

      The Walking Dead is really character-based, so that's what really got me interested and invested. The characters definitely have layers.

      I LOVE AUGUST! My favorite thing about the latest season was that he came back. :) My mom and my cousin are the only other people I know who like him, so I am always happy to find another fan!

      Yes to sarcastic, flawed characters! :)

      Thanks again for tagging me for this one!

  2. I can't believe I don't know any of these! Clearly I need to start watching Agent Carter, Elementary, and the Walking Dead. (Oh... I guess I do know August but it has been three or four years since I have watched Once Upon a Time.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these clearly great characters! :)

    1. They all bring some unique aspects to TV, and are fun to watch! :) I really like the focus on the characters, too. They really come to life on-screen!

      Thank you for stopping by! :)


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