Surprises | June 2015

I wanted to do more than a recap post in June, but life has been busy and hectic, so here we are. :)

June turned out to be more stressful than I thought. It seemed like a thousand things were going on, not all of them great or good. But in the midst of the not-so-great and not-so-good, there were good happenings.

When I'm stressed, I have two extremes: I write almost incessantly, or I don't write at all. It's not often there is an in-between. Most of the month, I didn't make much progress in my revisions for TAD2. As I type this, my progress bar on MyWriteClub is at 38%. I'm hoping to make 50% by the end of the month, since I'll be taking a short break from revising in July.

Sitting out by the fire pit; a lovely little moth;
my sister and I; Smurph, taking over a writing session.

I mentioned before I had picked out my Camp NaNo project, and it's true. I'd decided to tackle my fairy tale retelling I've been planning. But my plans have changed. I've decided to draft a short story/novella for the Five Magic Spindles contest for Camp instead. I first heard about the retelling contests last year, but have never entered because I never had a story idea in time to prep it for submission. When I saw this year's theme (Sleeping Beauty), I had an idea come to mind, and spent quite a bit of time outlining it for drafting next month. I've never entered a story in a contest like this before, so I'm excited to give it a try, since it seems like a fun opportunity. (So if you're participating in Camp or the contest, I'd love to know!)

So, yeah. Changes in plans. 

Yesterday, my mom surprised me with a trip to the movies. So Mom, my sister, and I had a girls' day out, and went to see Jurassic World. (Which was a very fun movie. Not perfect, but entertaining.) New life goals: Become a velociraptor trainer.

The weather here has been super-hot (consistently in the 90s or higher all week), so it's been something of a lazy week, filled with attempts at not melting.While I'm writing or outlining, I've been rewatching one of my favorite shows (Longmire). The library has all the seasons on DVD, so I've been borrowing them a season at a time.

Speaking of the library, I'm recovering from the reading slump. I finished reading The Death Cure, and I'm currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray (haven't read this one before, and had a copy on my shelf, but the reading is slow), and The Duchess (which is nonfiction). I'm also listening to the audiobook of Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard (so far, I like it). 

Library trips and my Jurassic World ticket.

And the rest of the month has been filled with everyday happenings: work, errands, and other little ventures. 

How was June for you?


  1. Hm, slumps are rough, but I'm glad that you've had things like velociraptors to brighten your days! :) I hope that July only improves for you, and you can enjoy your writing and reader with a renewed vigor!

  2. Ooo. Sounds like you've had quite a time this June, but I know exactly how you feel. I do hope July improves for you! :]


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