Something Like A Recap | May 2015

Life has been busy lately.

Amidst spring cleaning and going to yard sales, going to the movies and visiting with family, I haven’t had much time to update my blog. I’ve had post ideas, but sitting down to type and schedule them has resulted in looking at a blank screen. *sigh*

Watching Age of Ultron, May 1st.
I’ve been in something of a reading slump for a few days, so reading print and ebooks has been a slow business. I have an app on my phone for listening to classic audiobooks for free, which I really like. And I recently downloaded another app through which I can get audiobooks from the library. I’ve been listening to them while traveling, going about chores, or even lounging on the couch whining about pollen and seasonal allergies.

Writing has been at a good pace. I finished a short story (currently titled Catching Up, and it is probably one of the fluffiest, strictly romantic things I’ve ever written). It took nine days to scribble it down in a notebook, but I’ve been lazy about transcribing it for a Word document. I also went through another round of editing on The Assassin’s Daughter. This time, it was more of a polishing edit—cleaning up phrasing and formatting. Overall, I feel pretty good about how the book is right now.

For June, I want to finish the current round of revisions for TAD2. I also want to finish outlining my idea for the July session of Camp NaNo.

What are your plans for June?


  1. Aw, we all go through slumps. It shall be okay! :) I hope your writing and reading stay strong in June!


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