And so November begins.

While the latter half of October was a pretty rough couple of weeks, today was a pretty good day.

When I woke up, my brother, Tman, informed me that it was snowing. I knew it was possible we might see some, I was still surprised, because I didn’t actually think we’d see enough to cover our yard. It was a bit strange, seeing bright yellow and orange leaves behind a curtain of big white snowflakes. And one of my mom’s sunflowers bloomed, and it was covered with snow. I don’t think I have ever seen that before today. But the snow didn’t last long, and it was time to get to work on some chores and things.

Last night, I stayed up until midnight to get an early start on NaNoWriMo. I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for my book at the end of October, and almost decided not to write it. But I’m determined to write it anyway, and I’ve found some of that enthusiasm already. :) I’ve written almost 2,000 words so far, and have been putting together a playlist of music from the 1920s and 1940s for my Trace writing soundtrack. And I wore my Script Frenzy shirt to show my NaNoing spirit. :)


Currently, I’m watching a Christmas movie with my mom. Once Hallmark starts their movie marathons, our TV spends a lot of time on that channel (one of my favorites is on tomorrow, so I’m excited).

And so that’s how the first day of November has gone for me.