Snippets: April 2014

Snippets of Story is a writing link-up from Whisperings of the Pen. 

Today, I'll be sharing snippets from the novel I'm revising (The Uprising), and the one I'm drafting for Camp NaNo this month (The Luckless Ones)

“Ed, please sit down. You’re making me more nervous than I already am.”
He halted. His shoulders sank with a deep exhaling breath, and then he slowly pulled one of the chairs back from the table and sat down. “Better?”
“Mostly. You could sound less annoyed.”
“That’s asking a bit much, I’m afraid.” 
 - The Uprising: The Assassin's Daughter, Chapter 23

Amidst the low, rushed conversations as everyone found their desired tables, he caught a glimpse of a familiar braid: dark blond strands coming undone from the confines of a simple black ribbon. A slight tug on one edge of the ribbon sent it spiraling toward the dark paneling of the floor.
“Ed!” Kat bent to pick up the ribbon.
“Afternoon,” he said, pulling out two chairs at the nearest empty table. Kat took the one he offered, then set to work on fixing her hair.
- The Uprising: The Assassin's Daughter, Chapter 2
Minutes of tense silence passed. He swore he felt his nerves buzzing as he waited for the man to throw a knife at his head. Ed cast a glance at his own knife, resting on the ground beside his bag.
- The Uprising: The Assassin's Daughter, Chapter 22
A certain calm existed in the passing of time. The tick of a clock, or the shift in the seasons, worked as wonderful motivators for Mari Lowman to actually finish her ever-growing list of things to accomplish.
Today, the recurring sight of leftover decorations in bright blue reflected in the rough sketches she attempted in her notepad.
- The Luckless Ones, Chapter One
Ed handed the documents to the Headmaster and settled into an appearance of attentive nonchalance. He’d wait until later to grin at the Head’s annoyance at the uneven edges of the stack of documents, and their drastic departure from some sense of order.  
- The Uprising: The Assassin's Daughter, Chapter 7
Between January and May, Errol lost focus on the most mundane tasks. If it wasn’t necessary to survival, it fell by the wayside.
- The Luckless Ones, Chapter Two



  1. Jameson! I love these snippets! This is one of my favorites: "A certain calm existed in the passing of time. The tick of a clock, or the shift in the seasons . . . " Truth, beautifully and descriptively illustrated. Fantastic word-smithing!


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