“Destiny has dire plans for you, my friend.” | Thor: Ragnarok Review

It’s been a while since I wrote a movie review on the blog! Since the Thor series is one of my favorites within the MCU, I’ve been looking forward to Ragnarok for a long time. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, and while it’s not my favorite of the Thor movies, there were elements I enjoyed. So let’s discuss the movie!

Spoiler warning: There will be many in this review. Shall we begin?

My favorite superhero is Thor—in part because of the fantastic redemption arc in his first movie and how it constantly influences who he became as the MCU progressed. That journey always influences his choices, except in Ragnarok. He comes across exactly the same as the Thor we meet at the beginning of the first movie, with no real explanation of how he got back to that point. It just feels like a lot of his characterization had been done away with for the sake of revisiting an arc that he’d already been through instead of building on what was already there.

The reveal about Thor’s powers was pretty great. It’s a game-changer and looked really amazing. I’m eager to see more of that! Definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole movie.

Hela was a a really cool antagonist, who I would have loved to have seen more of in the movie. I loved the spin on mythology and how that was really a focal point of her story and who she was. She’s a fascinating character, and a great addition to the MCU. 

Basically: HELA WAS AMAZING. Definitely a favorite part of the whole movie, and it would have been really cool to see more of her story in it. And I want a cloak as fabulous as hers.

The Worldbuilding
Considering this is the third movie to feature Asgard, there is still so much to be explored about it. While I loved how they explored the history of the realm through the backstory of Hela and Valkyrie, there were so many things I was still hoping to see before leaving that realm behind. The Dark World left many things unanswered, including some big plot events. Many are answered in Ragnarok, but it felt like they were brushed aside just to be done with them rather than completing a story.

I had a hard time believing that Heimdall was really the only person who thought something odd was going on and wanted to do something about it. (Did no one in Asgard really think it questionable that Heimdall was being hunted as a traitor? Not a single person?) As always though, Loki was a lot of fun to watch and difficult to predict, and his vanity was often a point of great humor in the movie. It was fun to see him in a really neutral role, since it was never truly clear just what his next move might be.

Also: Several new character abilities were introduced in Ragnarok, and they are such cool additions that they would have been amazing to see in even more of the MCU (Loki being able to call forth Valkyrie’s memories, Thor sharing Heimdall’s vision…)! There was a little bit of this in Age of Ultron, but it was really cool to see more of it in Ragnarok

Other things I liked:
- Fenris was beautiful. *heart eyes*
- Heimdall being a rescuer and rebel. Heimdall is such a great character and I love him.

- The play. The whole thing was hilarious but the choir actually singing the theme from The Dark World was grand.
- There were several cinematography aspects that I enjoyed. Lots of cool camera angles and visuals.
- DOCTOR STRANGE. I love him so much and every moment he was in this movie was fantastic.
- Favorite Loki Moment: “That’s how it feels!”

Things I didn’t like so much:
- Very little emotional payoff for major losses. Most were turned into comedic moments instead, and the sacrifice wasn’t always worth the humor.
- Inconsistency with characters. Most of the established characters didn’t really seem like themselves in this movie, even in their dialogue. A lot of the elegance of the Asgardians was just...gone, and I missed it.

- It felt like it was trying too hard to be like Guardians of the Galaxy. And while I love Guardians,  it doesn’t mean I want every MCU story to be like it.

Overall, while I was hoping for a movie that packed more of an emotional punch, Thor: Ragnarok was a fun movie! It brings a lot of changes into the MCU, and I’m curious just how far that impact is going to reach in future movies—especially Infinity War!
What did you think of Thor: Ragnarok? Favorite moments or characters? Least favorite? Theories? Let’s chat!


  1. This review was great! I loved seeing your thoughts! I LOVED THIS MOVIE. But, as I think we've talked about, it definitely lacked the emotion it should have had. I suspect Infinity Wars will make up for it though! XD By the end we may be WISHING for the lightheartedness of this movie. Eheh.

    Hela was amazing! I definitely wish there had been more of her though. I agree. AND DOCTOR STRANGE!!!!!! THAT WAS MY FAVORITE PART. I was internally screaming like the WHOLE time. XD But he's so much fun! And it's great seeing how powerful and comfortable with magic (excuse me, the mystic arts ;)) he's become.

    And Loki “That’s how it feels!” line was my favorite tooooo!!!!!!! I. DIED. It was the best ever. XD

    This whole movie was just a riot!

    1. Ragnarok would be an excellent choice for feels recovery! ;D I'm looking forward to Infinity War but it makes me nervous. So, so nervous. *glances at favorite characters*

      She's so fascinating! (She's also one of my favorite mythology figures to read about, so seeing an adaptation of her on-screen was really cool—especially with the amount of mythology they used!)

      YESSSSS. I so enjoyed how he really owned what he can do! He's wonderful and just the way he showed up in the story was so great. I can't wait to see him with the rest of the Avengers!

  2. I feel the same as you about most of the movie. I haven't been a huge fan of the Thor movies because they always seemed off to me in some way, despite the great character arcs. I think this is the best Thor movie to date, but it still doesn't rival my other MCU favorites (like Winter Soldier or the first Avengers movie). I did think they tried to go more Guardians of the Galaxy style, and while I like that style, it doesn't always work. This was about half and half for Thor. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it felt too silly.

    THEY DID REDEEM LOKI'S CHARACTER, THOUGH, AND I JUST CAN'T EVEN. Loki is my fave and I'm glad he's not a terrible person anymore, at least from how they portrayed him and had him come to help save the day.

    I'm sure there are a lot of questions I have as well, but the biggest one is... Where in Asgard was Lady Sif? Unless they showed her at the beginning getting killed off (like the rest of Thor's merry men... which was disappointing), they never showed her in the movie. I thought for sure she was the rebel/rescuer running around, but that turned out to be Heimdall (which is fine and makes sense). But I would think Sif would be by her brother's side?

    I also expected more from Valkyrie AND Hela... but maybe it was just the overall tone of the movie that threw me off.

    It was decent, definitely not the worst MCU movie, and I think it's the best Thor movie. It just was a lot different than I expected! (But Thor learning his knew power was "hela" awesome. XD)

    1. Yeah...I feel like there were some missed opportunities (especially in The Dark World) for the storylines, so I totally get you there. I think the shift in tone might have worked better if there had been more of it established earlier in the series? It was fun, but a little jarring to feel like it belonged in a different series, stylistically speaking. (And I am really excited to see Thor meet the Guardians!)

      Loki was really great in this one! I love how they made him heroic with a dash of chaos. And his vanity throughout the movie was just hilarious to watch!

      SIF! I actually wondered the same thing! I did expect more of her and the Warriors Three, but it was definitely disappointing to not even get a little bit of an explanation for where she was. (But if we didn't see the character die, does that mean she survived somewhere in the universe? *theorizes hopefully but vainly*) It would have been a fun twist for her to be the rescuer though!

      I liked Valkyrie, but I didn't really feel that I got to know her very much compared to some of the other characters? I'm curious to see how her story grows in the MCU.

      Totally! I'm going to miss Mjolinr because, hey it look cool, but the new power is a very nice replacement. ;D


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