Shiloh Road Trip Diary: Touring Memphis + the Journey Home

Memphis was a surprise part of the trip. My sister is a huge fan of Elvis, and my entire family has a fondness for the rock’n’roll sounds of the fifties for which Memphis is famous.

Graceland and the wall.
After a few moments spent on Elvis Presley Boulevard, we made our way toward Beale Street. We had a fit of car trouble that, by the time it was resolved, meant it was a bit late and we were all tired. So, we drove back over to Arkansas and spent the night in West Memphis, where we enjoyed pizza and sleep.

Crossing into Arkansas (with a cameo from my parents—sort of).
Crossing the Mississippi.
Monday morning, however, we resumed out tour. We spent a few minutes by the Mississippi River (we crossed it four times during the road trip). 

Watched a barge pass under the bridges, which was cool.
When you try to take a fabulous selfie and fail because the wind and sun are like, “Nah.”  ;P
Driving by the Peabody Hotel.
I was not aware prior to the trip that the pyramid was now Bass Pro Shops.
We found this hilarious.
 And then we returned to Beale Street to check out the famous Sun Records.

And then it was back to Arkansas! For someone who is very accustomed to being surrounded by mountains on a daily basis, it was fascinating to look out and see nothing but flat land beyond the windows. We also went to Missouri, stopping there for lunch. This was also my first trip to Missouri!

We also stopped by Loretta Lynn’s place at Hurricane Mills...
My souvenirs from the trip.
Our total mileage count.

Overall, I think this is one of my favorite road trips ever. I was able to see three new states, as well as plenty of places I’d never been.