Shiloh Road Trip Diary: The Adventure Begins + Arriving In Shiloh

Over Labor Day weekend, I went on a road trip! I’ll be recapping it with pictures and notes this week. :)

Though our trip started on Friday night, taking us to Chattanooga, we “officially” hit the road on Saturday morning. Up at 6:00 in the morning, quick breakfast, pack up the truck, and on the road about 7:20—just a few minutes off schedule.

Somewhere in Tennessee (or possibly Georgia).
We took a few minutes to detour into Georgia just because we could and began our journey. Our group consisted of myself, my parents, my sister, my youngest brother, and my sister-in-law. 

I got this journal last year and this was the first trip recorded in it.
Our first major stop was Huntsville. It was something of a last-minute decision so we didn’t have time to explore the space center, but we took about ten minutes to walk around and snap a few photos. This was the second time I’d been to Alabama.

Somewhere in Alabama.

And then we settled in for the drive to Shiloh. Our chosen route took us from Chattanooga through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and then back up to Tennessee.

This was my first time visiting Mississippi!
We arrived in Shiloh in midafternoon, leaving us a few hours to explore.


  1. That journal cover is so cool! And that space center looks awesome. Too bad you didn't have a chance to explore it more...

    1. Thanks! I found it last a yard sale? I think? It even has pockets for holding souvenirs! :)

      It really was cool! It was a last-minute stop on this trip, but we're hoping to go back soon and actually see more of it.


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